A Day in the Kettle..<3

             Last week, I raced my first endurance race at a local trail. WEMS hosted a race at New Fane- which is part of the Northern Kettles. I have ridden here many times and love the fast and flowing loop! Originally, I had planned on racing the 10 hour solo race. However, after a long week of recovery while getting a cold, I decided to downgrade to the 5 hour solo. I think I made the right choice though!

             I would have to say it was one of the hardest things I have done. Of course I race often ,but this was so different! First of all, I was doing a solo. I depended solely on my mind, my legs, and my mom to make sure I wouldn’t stop pedaling. One thing I found is that it’s really important to refuel on the bike to avoid long breaks. I did 7 laps, at about 35-40 minutes each, and felt like I was dead by the time I was done. I am really glad that I finished that goal this year along with the century 2 weeks ago. 


        I had planned on racing at Bear Paw this weekend for the WORS series points, but I woke up on saturday morning and realized I really wanted to go to homecoming that night. So, my friends helped me buy a dress and shoes the day of homecoming..It was really glittery, let’s leave it at that. 😉


See you at WORS Finale in 2 weeks!!


Love, Hugs, Glitter, & Chain Grease, 




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